Amazfit Pop launches – but there’s more on the way

Amazfit has taken the wrapper off another new smartwatch – the Amazfit Pop – which could be one of three new devices heading to our wrists.

Ahead of a global launch of the Amazfit GTS2 and GTR2 and the Amazfit Bip U, Huami has revealed the Amazfit Pop via Weibo. Details are scant at present with only a Chinese release confirmed.

The Amazfit Pop sports a large bezel at the bottom, which means it could sit below the Bip U in the Amazfit hierarchy. Or it could just be a new name for the Bip in different territories.

What we do know is the Amazfit Pop 1.43-inch display, includes an SpO2 sensor and nine days of battery life.

It comes with 50 watch faces to choose from and will reportedly boast 60 workout profiles as well as the PAI score metric. That’s actually more than the flagship Amazfit GTS2, which could mean the Amazfit Pop could be positioned as a device for working out at home, just like the Huawei Watch Fit.

The Bip U is on sale on Amazon India right now for around $80, so perhaps the Amazfit Pop will be seen in the US and EU instead.

But new leaks, reported by AndroidTR, reveal the Amazfit Pop isn’t the only new device heading our way.

The leaks show a render of the Amazfit GTS2 Mini, which looks like a cheaper version of the company’s forthcoming flagship. The GTS2 has already been released in China, and we’re awaiting for a global release.

The Amazfit GTS2 Mini again looks like the Pop, but we’d be expecting a smaller design (possibly a 1.1 or 1.3-inch screen) and possibly fewer health-focused features than its bigger brother.

The leaked render of the Amazfit GTS2 Mini from AndroidTR

The leaked render of the Amazfit GTS2 Mini from AndroidTR

Lastly, there’s rumors of a new watch called the Amazfit London. There’s no renders to support what this might look like, or what features it might include. So if you allow us a moment of pure speculation, Amazfit uses city names for its projects. So Amazfit London could simply be the codename for one of these other devices.

But given it seems that Amazfit’s plan is to throw a whole heap of wearables out there and see what sticks, we wouldn’t rule out even more devices landing.

Watch this space.

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