Big trail features at a great price

The first Polar watch built specifically for adventure and ultra-endurance, the Polar Grit X offers big battery life and a big focus on energy, nutrition and time out on the trails.

It’s not designed for short distance road runners, that’s for sure. The Grit X is more solid-looking than the refined Vantage V, has a longer battery life on paper than any Polar watch ever, and weaves in unique features that mean its no Garmin clone.

There’s smart fuelling recommendations, route planning and guidance and hill tracking that potentially makes it an ideal choice for mountain tamers, ultra runners and go-long adventurers. It’s a serious outdoors watch with the specs to back it up.

It will draw inevitable comparisons with the Garmin Fenix 6 range, the Coros Vertix and the Suunto 9. But at £379.99 it’s nearly £200 cheaper than the entry level Fenix 6S.

But does it really have enough to challenge the best in the outdoor adventure smartwatch on the market?

We put it to the test to find out in our Polar Grit X review.

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