Garmin Connect is down and runs aren’t syncing

If you’re a Garmin Connect user and you’re wondering why your runs won’t sync, don’t panic. The Garmin service is currently experiencing a near global outage leaving users frustrated.

The issue seems to be affecting both the Garmin Connect app and web dashboard, with users unable to log in.

The app displays a “sorry, we’re down for maintenance. Check back shortly message,” but there’s no official word from Garmin’s social media or official channels. We’ve reached out to Garmin for an update.

Don't panic: Garmin Connect is down and runs aren't syncing

Update: Tacx has tweeted that its outage is affecting Garmin Connect – so the issue may be out of Garmin’s hands:

There’s no word from Garmin directly (yet) there’s no clues yet on when the service might be back.

Twitter is awash with users hitting refresh on the app, waiting for it to reconnect.

And it also means that any runs recorded on Garmin devices can’t be synced to Strava either.

So in short, there’s nothing you can do but wait it out.

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