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The Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR are superb fitness trackers that don’t hold back in terms of activity tracking features, but one of its best features is the easy-swap bands.

Being able to customise your fitness tracker is a hugely under-rated feature. The black silicone band you get as standard really drags down the look – and adding a new band makes a huge difference.

What’s more, when those bands are available at around $10 a pop, there’s no reason why you can’t have two or three, and start matching to your occasion.

The quick-release catch on the Inspire HR means you can quickly and easily be able to switch them out – great for when you want to exercise with a sporty accessory but smarten things up for drinks in the evening.

With our list of Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR bands below, you won’t need to compromise your tracking experience for your look. Here are the top options available to buy right now – all will work with both the Inspire models.

1. Turn the Fitbit Ionic onto its front and locate the band latches – there’ll be one on each end for you to unclip.

2. To release, push down on the flat button on the strap on both sides, before fully releasing it from the case.

3. Snap on new strap until you hear a click.

Findway metal mesh band

RRP: $10.99

Findway metal mesh band

Metal mesh bands always look the business, so these affordable options are an easy win. You can get the metal strap in a host of colour options, to suit all styles – with golf, silver, rose gold and even black catered for. The bands are highly adjustable, but small size fits 5.5-8.5-inch wrists and large fits 6.1-9.9-inch wrists.

T-BLUER Compatible Fitbit Inspire

RRP: $11.99

T-BLUER Compatible Fitbit Inspire

It’s not all about silicone, leather or link – and there are some delightful woven straps that offer top comfort, moisture wicking and look superb. One of the best options is the T-BLUER canvas strap, available in a host of colours, from standard black, a lovely two-tone grey, pink and red. It uses a buckle fastening and fits 5.9- 8.5-inch (150-225mm) wrists.

Fitbit Inspire HR replacement silicone straps

RRP: $12.99

Fitbit Inspire HR replacement silicone straps

Silicone band replacements for Fitbit Inspire are so cheap it’s possible to pick up multi-packs of three or more colors. These bands come in a range of shades, so you can swap and change your look, or bang another one on when yours gets a little sweaty and dirty, as silicone often will. Small size suitable for 4.7-6.7 inch (120mm-170mm) wrists; Large size suitable for 5.0-6.9 inch (125mm-175mm) wrists.

Wepro Bands Replacement Silicone strap

RRP: $7.99

Wepro Bands Replacement Silicone strap

More silicone band replacements, you get three in a back with complimentary color options and a secure buckle fastening. Again, choose a small size for 5.5- 7.1-inch wrists and a large size for 7.1 -8.7-inch ones.

Fitbit Inspire leather replacement strap

RRP: $13.88

Fitbit Inspire leather replacement strap

You can’t beat a leather strap for a classic look, and if you’re wearing your band all day at work or at formal occasions then this will make it look a lot less sporty – and a whole lot more fashionable. These leather bands come in a range of colours with attractive stitching – and of course, can be swapped in seconds for a silicone band when it’s time to get sweaty. There’s just one size that fits 5.5-8.1-inch (140-206mm) wrists.

Shan-S Stainless steel link bracelet

RRP: $9.99

Shan-S Stainless steel link bracelet

This rose gold link bracelet is made of 316 stainless steel metal with a metal clasp. It’s adjustable, with three links that can be removed to fit wrist size 5.5-8.07-inch (138mm-205mm). It also comes in a range of other stainless steel colours, including yellow gold, silver and black.

MagicQK Metal Mesh strap

RRP: $10.49

Best Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR bands: Third-party straps to style your new tracker

Add a touch of class with this gorgeous looking black stainless steel mesh band – which will fit wrist sizes up to 140-215mm. The clasp is adjustable for a secure fit – and there are other colour versions including silver and gold.

Fitbit Inspire clip accessory

RRP: $19.99

Fitbit Inspire, Accessory Clip

A unique feature of the Fitbit Inspire is that it can be clipped to the body, rather than worn on the wrist. This is especially useful if you’re spending a long time pushing a stroller, where you might not get full credit for steps – or you just want to keep your wrist clear of a greyscale display, which is more than understandable. If you want to track steps and activity from elsewhere on the body then invest in a clip-on holder.

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