Pricey smartwatch is big on style

The Michael Kors Access Bradshaw 2 is another Wear OS smartwatch that’s all about bringing a big, showy connected timepiece to your wrist. While it lags rivals in features and technology, for those who love big, brash watches, it’s certainly a contender.

Follow-up to the Bradshaw, which launched back in 2016, the updated Michael Kors smartwatch has been given the Fossil Gen 5 treatment. Michael Kors is part of the Fossil Group, which means it benefits from improved internals to get Google’s operating system running smoother and new hardware like a built-in speaker to let you take and make calls. All while keeping that same oversized watch design.

You’re also getting sports tracking sensors like GPS and heart rate monitoring if you like the idea of taking this hulking watch out for a run.

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