still a top tracker for 2020

The Inspire HR is Fitbit’s low-cost, entry level tracker – but that doesn’t stop it from being a surprisingly powerful health and activity device that will suit plenty of people.

It doesn’t look like Fitbit’s going to replace its device any time soon. But over a year after its release, is it still a contender? We’ve been using the Fitbit Inspire HR for much of the last year, and felt it was time to update our review against the latest fitness trackers.

The Fitbit Inspire HR manages to combine heart based activity tracking, workout detection and powerful sleep monitoring into a small and discreet wrist band form. What’s more, with a generous screen, it will also display notifications and your goal data too.

At $99.95, the Inspire HR is pretty wallet friendly, and sits below Fitbit’s new Charge 4, which offers more data and more advanced metrics, and is better suited to committed workouts.

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